Carpark Carnage

February 15, 2009

Would you believe it, the audacity of some people!  So me and the missus nip out to the local shopping precinct, we always go nice and early to get a good parking space to preserve the paintwork on my beloved car.  When we got there today we found a space with nobody around for miles, we’d spent no more than ten minutes in the shop returning some clothes that didn’t fit.  When we returned we found that out of all the empty spaces in the godforsaken place someone had to park next to us, not only that but they’d manage to somehow swing their door to its maximum extension to connect with my door.  There was at least three and a half feet between us, it must have taken a mammoth effort to push the door that far, arseholes!!!

Now luckily it had not dented the panel, however my car has flawless black paintwork and it shows every imperfection.  The paintwork has unfortunately spidered around the area of impact.  Do people not give a shite about the property of others?  Just because they drive around in worthless heaps of junk doesn’t mean it gives them the right to slowly convert every other shoppers car into the same condition.  I’m sure these people do it on purpose, carparks are their hunting ground, getting a kick out of knowing they’ve pissed at least one person off today.  Well I congratulate you, well done!  You’ve succeeded, now you can go back to your pathetic little lives knowing that your finely honed craft is indeed working.

Of course it could have been a genuine accident, in which case all of the above need not apply, but I do feel a lot happier now i’ve got that off my chest.


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