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  • Ashby Folville Car Show 2010

    Tweet Well as you may or may not be aware the Ashby Folville Car Show has already started for 2010, tonight Tuesday 11th May is actually the second meet of the year.  I didn’t attend the first meet but I shall be visiting tonight, time to shine up the Impreza!  I’ll hopefully be posting a few […]

  • I saw this warning sign yesterday

    Tweet I saw this warning sign yesterday and was practically filling my pants as I drove through.  The short stretch of road is near Scalford which is in Leicestershire near to Melton Mowbray.  The road is a single track with virtually no room for passing. blog

  • Scary looking tree at Bradgate Park

    Tweet I’ve been wanting to take a picture of this tree for a while now, so I finally did.  It was taken at Bradgate Park, Leicestershire.  It makes for a good Sunday afternoon walk.  Its just a shame that cycling is restricted eyeweardock to the Tarmac paths.

  • Ashby Folville Car Show 2TOTM 12-05-09

    Tweet Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make the Ashby Folville car show on the 12th May 2009 due to prior commitments however I hope to be able to bring more photos and reviews from the upcoming events. international

  • Go fix some potholes!

    Tweet I’d heard that more money is being spent on compensating drivers for damage to their cars due to potholes than is spent repairing them which is ludicrous! Here is an extract taken from the Mail Online news section “Potholes are costing taxpayers more in compensation claims than in repair fees.  Ambulance-chasing lawyers squeezed £53million […]

  • Ashby Folville Car Show 2TOTM 14-04-09

    Tweet The Ashby Folville Car Show has already begun for 2009.  People have been raving about this car show to me for ages, so I got myself down to the field opposite the Carrington Arms Pub in Ashby Folville, Leicestershire.  Essentially there are two fields, one is for showing your car the other is simply […]

  • Subaru Impreza sti type UK dump valve

    Tweet Shortly after purchasing my 2002 Subaru Impreza sti type UK one of the first mods I wanted to do was to fit a dump valve or BOV (blow off valve) as its sometimes known.  Having heard other Impreza’s with them fitted I thought this was a must. Having done some research I settled on the Turbosmart supersonic, […]

  • Carpark Carnage

    Tweet Would you believe it, the audacity of some people!  So me and the missus nip out to the local shopping precinct, we always go nice and early to get a good parking space to preserve the paintwork on my beloved car.  When we got there today we found a space with nobody around for miles, […]

  • Snow hits Leicestershire

    Tweet As with many areas of the UK snow has been falling almost all day in Leicestershire.  Its made for extremely hazardous driving conditions with compacted snow and sludge causing vehicles to skid and collide, I personally have witnessed several vehicles loosing control.  I did however make it into work although it did take me 20 […]