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Dragon Tattoo phase one, inked at Real Art Tattoo

Dragon Tattoo phase oneHere is the first phase of my latest tattoo, a traditional Japanese dragon design of which Rat at Real Art Tattoo in Syston is some what of a specialist.  Its not my first tattoo by Rat, Ialready have a half sleeve on my left arm with a Koi and Peony design.  You may now have guessed I’m a fan of traditional Japanese work, mainly because of the power of the imagery, their meanings and the fact it has a timeless quality.

The outline shown took around 3 hours although the time appears to pass so quickly as Rat, Odboy and CJay always have a tale or two and are quick to make you feel welcome.  I’m booked in for another 3 hours work to complete this design so I’ll post the finished work whens its done.

This is a place for real art by real artists, Rat’s speciality is traditional japanese tattoos, he has over 23 years experience.


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