This Bird’s Not Squawking

February 4, 2009

This Bird’s Not Squawking

“This is air traffic control come in Lema 1, we need a sign” (over)

“Lema 1 to control switching off, it’s over with this time
This bird’s not squawking, don’t feel like talking
My engines are stalling,
I’m losing height as my hart starts falling
I tried to keep my nose in the sky,
but you don’t hear my cry
I can’t fly any more, I can’t even try
I’m breaking formation, it’s to strong a temptation
I’m dreaming of a next life sensation
I just want to be left to roam the sky
Be on my own
Crash land and die” (over)

“This is air traffic control come back we can help you!” (over)

“ Lema 1 to control You can’t now I’m through
Stopped sending out my may day alert
Don’t wanna be found I’m damaged and hurt
No rescue team can heal my brain
I’m flying through thunder, lightening and rain
My heads in pain
No way back for this strickend air plane
It’s time that the ending finally came” (over)

“this is air traffic control, Lema 1 pull out of your dive” (over)

“kkkshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kShhhhh kshhh”

“control this is rescue team one, we don’t think he’s alive” (over)

“Control this is rescue team one, are hands are now tied
Crash site’s in view, he has’nt survived”.

© Trick-e Lyrics 2008-2009


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