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  • We’re In Way Too Deep

    Tweet We’re in way too deep Can’t find what we seek In a world of lying casualties It’s the silent dying…. While the loud drown in luxuries To what end does this pattern resolve Knives break the silence from those uninvolved People killing through anger not reason Five year old’s grieving “Mummy”! “Somebody”! “Daddy’s not […]

  • Talented People Are Crazy

    Tweet I feel for talented people And their crazy ways Running around indented With their heads cut off Tormented By the constant thoughts Of create That they disregard As imperfect realms From which they can’t Escape Ever talked to a talented person? Loved a talented person? Befriended one? They’re like a multi-footed amoeba Their mind […]

  • Deathwish

    Tweet Here’s a list of things to do today: …Sharpen my blade (check) …Take my antidepressants (check) …Kiss then destroy your photographs before a mental image Of your face tears up my brain (aw…I haven’t done that yet so X) Life’s a game that’s full of pain Whose insane Who me? Just want to be […]

  • Inspire Me

    Tweet I ponder through this life and wander indecisively Recoils from a distant past infiltrate my sanity My assassination of serenity is blamed on doubt No Hero comes to save me despite my constant shout Where’s my guide to stand behind? Why have I been left to wander through life blind? Inspire Me. Give me […]

  • The excuse to use if ya ever late

    Tweet Time is a measurement of nothing, there is no tangible proof it exists you can’t see it, feel it, touch it, or sense it, there for time is nothing more than a perception created in our minds, so now we have accepted that time is a perception then we have to accept perception is […]

  • I Am Puppet Free

    Tweet am I a wanna be? I find myself Trying to be Striving to be Wanting to be Someone other than me Recently I’ve failed to see That insecurity Does nothing but destroy me I’ll never be What they want me to be Because I’m not their dreams, I’m only me That’s all I am…… […]

  • Back 2 The Blade

    Tweet Back to the razor Back to the slain But this time the blade, Won’t stop the pain Digesting this Is harder than swallowing bricks Tooth chipped Blackness on fingertips Gripping for something substantial Coming back with only a handful Skipping lines I ain’t memorized Replacing words I then realized They told me all could […]

  • Leicester Lyrics

    Tweet Yo we live in our city of Leicester Where races all mix with no pressure An urban sign in space and time Where religions cool and colour’s fine We’re black and white across the line It makes our City really shine Where other Cities just say never Leicester Show’s we’re all together We’d end […]

  • Teach the world to Rhyme

    Tweet I’m gonna teach the world to rhyme for fun To communicate with out a gun make them see the blinding sun The revolution has now begun Or began, what ever man Words can make a bigger bang If rhyming makes you hear their say Then they would throw their knives away All our kidz […]

  • Life’s Melody

    Tweet Life’s a game played out on earth’s plain Life is a test against you, not the rest Life’s just a stage, another turn of the page Life’s waiting room, your name called too soon How you live it means all Will you fly? Or just fall? But most of all life is you, and […]