Forum Youngblood 152 Snowboard

January 14, 2009

Forum Youngblood 152 SnowboardThe versatile freestyle board built for everyone is the ever-popular Youngblood. Smooth-flexing and forgiving Biax glass and a park-tuned GNAR™ core, make the Youngblood perfect for everything from street rails to park obstacles. The twin shape means maximum control riding regular or switch. If you’ve got your sights set on the park’s pro-line, the Youngblood is it. Core : Wood is good. The GNAR™ is a basic core with a superior feel. Lightweight and flexible with an incredible amount of pop. This core is snappy and responsive for total freestyle fun. Laminates : This is the foundation from which every other laminate configuration is derived; basic and completely functional. This construction offers time-tested, catch-free response and stability through its 0º/90º fiber orientation. Base : This base is the smooth under surface of your snowboard that, when combined with gravity and inertia, allows you to glide effortlessly down the snowy hill. And as it’s name implies, the Free Base comes free with purchase.

  • Flex: 5
  • Overall Length 1520mm
  • Running Length 1156mm
  • Effective Edge 1186mm
  • Waist Width 248mm
  • Sidecut Radius 7500mm
  • Tip Length 182mm
  • Tip Height 46mm
  • Tip Width 182mm
  • Tail Height 46mm
  • Tip Width 292.5mm
  • Tail Width 292.5mm
  • Reference Stance Width 22 Inches
  • Reference Stance Width 559mm
  • Stance Set Back 0mm
  • Minimum Weight 105 Lbs
  • Maximum Weight 180 Lbs
  • Minimum Weight 48 Kg
  • Maximum Weight 82 Kg


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