Vuzix 62″ iWear Video Glasses

February 8, 2009

Vuzix 62" iWear Video GlassesChange the way you watch movies with the revolutionary iWear AV920. These state of the art video glasses deliver the same experience as watching movies on a monster 62 inch screen yet are small enough to fit in your pocket! These amazing glasses deliver stunning clarity, with the 920,000 pixel screen capable of displaying millions of colours for an unrivalled viewing experience.

The iWear AV920 are also capable of playing 3D content straight from the box. Forget those old-school glasses with red and blue lenses; the iWear AV920 uses the very latest technology to display amazing stereoscopic 3D in full colour. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

The iWear AV920 connects to almost any video-capable device such as televisions, digital cameras, camcorders, mobile phones with video output, Apple iPods*, digital media players such as Creative Zen and Microsoft Zune, DVD players, games consoles, camcorders and even mobile phones with video out like the Nokia N95. Worn just like regular glasses, the iWear AV920 delivers a high-resolution virtual display based on the latest optical technology along with stunning stereo sound from the built in over-ear speakers.

The AV920 also comes with FREE cables allowing you to connect your iWear glasses to any 5th Generation (5 & 5.5) video iPod, Nokia N95, Creative Zen and Archos media players. 

NB: Please note that when the iWear AV920 is used with 6th generation iPod models (iPod touch, new iPod nano, iPhone and new iPod classic), the ‘Composite AV Cable’ accessory designed for Gen6 units is available from Apple. This is due to changes made by Apple to the electronics in the cable connector.

Please feel free to leave reviews in the comments section below.

Outstanding Value at £199.99.  Buy now or click here for more info.


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