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  • Sell Your Phone with Vodafone Buyback

    Tweet Turn your old mobile phone into cash with Vodafone Buyback.  Any network is welcome and the cash could be in our bank on the same day that Vodafone receive your mobile.  Vodafone Buyback also offer a price match guarantee.  For more information visit the Vodafone Buyback website. Top 20 Phone Buybacks Apple iPhone 4 […]

  • Custom skins for iPod, iPhone, laptop and games consoles

    Tweet Why not have a customised protective cover for you iPhone, iPod, laptop or games console.  Our software will allow you to create your very own unique vynil skin for your device.  Simply: Choose your device Upload your image or use one from our gallery Then create your custom skin Use our software to design […]

  • Rubbing your belly while pregnant

    Tweet This has just been emailed to me and I couldn’t resist sharing it. For the benefit of the search engines the text says:  Why is it when your wife or girlfriend gets pregnant all her casino live New Zealand friends rub her belly and say “Congratulations!”….but nobody rubs your dick and says “Good Job”. […]

  • I will NOT complain about my job!

    Tweet So you think you’ve got the worst job in the world?  Just take a minute to consider how bad it could get and repeat after me, I will NOT complain about my job!   news

  • Dragon Tattoo phase three, inked at Real Art Tattoo

    Tweet I’m now up to my seventh hour and my Dragon Tattoo by Rat at Real Art Tattoo Syston is really taking shape.  I’m told that I’ll need another two or three hours to complete the work.  This picture was taken the next day, it seems to be healing really well.  Rat informs me that Bepanthen […]

  • MacBook Pro 15 inch 2.66GHz, 4GB, 320GB Notebook

    Tweet The new MacBook Pro has the latest Intel processor, a bigger hard drive, plenty of memory, and even more new features all fit inside just one liberating inch. The MacBook Pro has the performance, power, and connectivity of a desktop computer without the desk part.  The world’s thinnest and lightest 15 inch notebook. Introducing the […]

  • Billabong Foil 2, 2mm spring shorty wetsuit in Khaki

    Tweet Billabong Foil Wetsuits are perfect combination of quality, fit and performance.  60{f344fcdd5c2f0488e4989b8c5afd2fd0fc4ceabf32c4bacdc15aa9ae5b120c72} of the Foil suit consists of the latest Airlite Superflex neoprene, positioned in areas designed to maximize performance.  The upper torso, shoulders, under arms, lower back and crotch area make for unrestricted flexibility.  The Billabong Foil is a durable all-round wetsuit at […]

  • Ashby Folville Car Show 2TOTM 14-04-09

    Tweet The Ashby Folville Car Show has already begun for 2009.  People have been raving about this car show to me for ages, so I got myself down to the field opposite the Carrington Arms Pub in Ashby Folville, Leicestershire.  Essentially there are two fields, one is for showing your car the other is simply […]

  • Spotify Rocks! Free music legally!

    Tweet I first heard of Spotify on this weeks gadget show, very kindly reviewed by Gale Porter who incidentally still looks good without hair!  I quickly looked it up at www.spotify.com signed up for a free account and off I went. What is Spotify I hear you cry, here’s the blurb from their website: “Spotify is a […]

  • Dragon Tattoo phase one, inked at Real Art Tattoo

    Tweet Here is the first phase of my latest tattoo, a traditional Japanese dragon design of which Rat at Real Art Tattoo in Syston is some what of a specialist.  Its not my first tattoo by Rat, Ialready have a half sleeve on my left arm with a Koi and Peony design.  You may now have guessed […]