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You could say I’m a bit of a geek, therefore I’m blogging about gadgets, gizmo’s and anything digital.  I don’t profess to being an expert in anything, but I’ve often got a lot to say.

I’m a huge fan of technology, gadgets etc and any form of digital media.  I don’t admit to being an expert because I’m not, however I intend to use this blog for reviews of products that I’ve used, to look at new technology, advertising and write about pretty much anything that I wish to get off my chest.

I have a background in patient moving and handling equipment so some of the content may be a little biased towards this.  My specialist field is patient hoists, any type, ceiling track, mobile, portable and gantry.  I also have extensive knowledge of patient lifting slings.  Feel free to post any comments (all comments will be moderated).

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