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You get one chance to make a first impression so make sure it's a good one. What is the most important thing you want people to know about you, your product, or service? Try to keep it under 50 words.
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Tell people why they need to hear from you. The more brutally honest and real you can be the better. It's ok to be funny.

Write Your Main Message

Think of this as a slightly longer version of the intro text at the top of the page. Generally, this is where you provide high level context without going into too much detail. Benefits over features.

If you have an Origin Story (and you should) this is the place to transition people to that experience. See, we've even put the button for you to link out to it and everything.

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About John Smith

Quickly Introduce Yourself...

This is where you can begin to tell people about who you are and what you do. But be careful. This is not the place to dump your entire life story. We have an entire tutorial on writing an effective Origin Story. This should be the place where you get people excited about learning more about you.

Try to keep this under 200 words and remember that the goal is not to sell. You are meeting someone for the first time.

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Success Stories

People Love Hearing About People Like Them Finding Success

“Pull the most compelling sentence from the testimonial and put it here.”

“This is the longer quote where you are going to pull the most compllening sentence from the testimonial and put it above. It shouldn't be too long though, or else it might get overwhelming.”

Sue Shei

“This won't always be as long as other highlights.”

“Perhaps the text that is put in this section is longer than other sections. Quotes can be all over the place like that. This is the longer quote where you are going to pull the most compllening sentence from the testimonial and put it above.”

Ingredia Nutrisha

“This is why we put in different pieces of content in each item.”

“If we don't, we'll never get an accurate representation of how these items will behave in the real world. It's important to try out differing lengths of content to see how it responds.”

Chauffina Carr
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Show People You're An Expert & Thought Leader

Write a Headline for Your Speaking Section

Write your speaking intro content here

Sample Featured Event Title Goes Here

Explain the event as though someone has no prior knowledge of your industry or profession.

“Put the most compelling sentence from the testimonial here.”

People like to scan so a great convention is to pull out your best one liner and then include the entire quote for reference. This is a great way to focus people on the aspect of the testimonial you think is most important or to emphasize the piece that will resonate most with them.

Jeffrey William, Entrepreneur

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Write Your Book Headline Here

Write a headline for your book here that leads into the next section

If you have a book, write a quick overview of what it is all about. Part of this could be taken from your Origin Story. Try to keep it under 100 words and remember that Personify gives you all of these Custom Elements out of the box. Anything can be moved around, customized, duplicated, or deleted.
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“You want this to be the absolute best single testimonial about your book. Something they'll remember.”

Jeffrey William, Entrepreneur