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We’re In Way Too Deep

We’re in way too deep

Can’t find what we seek

In a world of lying casualties

It’s the silent dying….

While the loud drown in luxuries

To what end does this pattern resolve

Knives break the silence from those uninvolved

People killing through anger not reason

Five year old’s grieving



“Daddy’s not breathing”

Another killer is made

A child’s vision is slayed

Their innocence leaving

Time grow’s revenge that’s forever inbreeding

That child’s now the kid that you fear on our street

Ten years have gone by and we’re stuck on repeat

The poverty trap has turned up the heat

We’re in way too deep

Uncaring Society’s became further flawed

That kid’s now a man with no love for the lord

His response to a world that just turned it’s back

Join a turf gang and feel safe from attack

Only options give the gift of free choice

Only money 2 burn gives the gift of a voice

That man on the street is finally grabbed

The blood on the pavement confirms he was stabbed

While he takes his last breath he remember’s his grieving

The words that came back as he died from the bleeding



“Daddy’s not breathing”

We’re in way too deep

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We're In Way Too Deep


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