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Teach the world to Rhyme

I’m gonna teach the world to rhyme for fun
To communicate with out a gun
make them see the blinding sun
The revolution has now begun
Or began, what ever man
Words can make a bigger bang
If rhyming makes you hear their say
Then they would throw their knives away
All our kidz need is the chance
To show that they can make a stance
Every Hood can harbour good
If MP’s listened like they should
If you want to stop the killing now
Help the change and show them how
You’ve ignored their plight for far to long
That is why it’s all gone wrong
Yo help them sing a different song
Show them that they do belong
And that you care
All their asking is what’s fair

A dedication to every youth who lost their life because no one listened R.I.P.

© Trick-e Lyrics 2008-2009

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