Talented People Are Crazy

March 10, 2009
I feel for talented people
And their crazy ways
Running around indented
With their heads cut off
By the constant thoughts
Of create
That they disregard
As imperfect realms
From which they can’t

Ever talked to a talented person?
Loved a talented person?
Befriended one?
They’re like a multi-footed amoeba
Their mind away to long
Caught in a vortex
Of oneness

They’re like whirlwinds
A cataclysmic Mess
Silent why’s
Disrupting lives
Soaring lows
Searing high’s
Distress in progress
Feeling souless

Talk to a good poet
A writer
An actor
What is their anguish?
The world they live in?
Their self they reside in?
It’s the fight of flesh versus spirit
Power versus meekness
Trying to stay humble
And yet not knowing why
They are this way

They need a vice
Something to keep them from
self destructing
And becoming the Earth’s equivalent
Of a black hole

“Dude! what’s wrong with you?”

Ask them that
Next time you catch them
Gazing in tears at shattered glass
Because what you see as glass
Is to them a reflection
What you see as broken pieces
To them is a beginning of a puzzle
What you see as transparent
To them is opaque or translucent
Depending on the colors
They paint it

Talented people are crazy
But not your definitions
Of learned meanings….

They do not fit the obvious
They are not manufactured
They don’t even think outside
Of the box
They think inside
But if you meet a talented person
And regardless of your impression
Remember that what they give you
Is from their soul

© Trick-e Lyrics 2008-2009


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