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Life’s Melody

Life’s a game played out on earth’s plain
Life is a test against you, not the rest
Life’s just a stage, another turn of the page
Life’s waiting room, your name called too soon
How you live it means all
Will you fly?
Or just fall?
But most of all life is you, and if you stand tall
If you believe
then succeed
Believe in yourself
Above anyone else
Can you stand for what’s right?
Show courage in the fight?
Under stand insight change darkness to light?
Life is the hardest battle we face
Can you flow through with grace, stay ahead of this race?
After you last earthly breath you live on in death
What’s left
Is your biggest day
It’s just you and your actions that come back and play
Stood alone to look at every decision you took
No excuses will hide your own written book
When your life is played loud

Will the tune make you proud?

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