I Am Puppet Free

February 9, 2009

am I a wanna be?
I find myself
Trying to be
Striving to be
Wanting to be
Someone other than me

I’ve failed to see
That insecurity
Does nothing but destroy me

I’ll never be
What they want me to be

Because I’m not their dreams,
I’m only me
That’s all I am……
And can ever be……


I cant be light nor polite
I can’t help being bright
Gunning for the fight
Being angry with insight

I cant be
Normal, grateful, placid, high
Nor will I try
I’ve broke my back
And jumped over continents
To avoid all the flack
Taken all of the consequence
To be perfect with in their eyes
I’ve now come to realize
That insight makes me right

I know who I am in a world that’s unsure
If you whisper stop than I’m screaming more
Wanna know the difference between me and you?
You don’t see what I do, you don’t see what’s true
Society is a puppet show, Society is muppet pro
Be awear of such things
Be awear of their strings
that makes them all so

Why spend your life worrying about what puppets think?
Why let other people take you to the brink?

People are puppets they don’t think, they react
They follow other puppets in to any act

Change your battle front to the top of the strings
Your fight is with, what the puppeteer brings

This is his reality,
This is his mentality

So armed with this I don’t care for your view
just another puppet, who does not have a clue

The only view I will listen too
Comes above from the blue

My creator and he alone will judge me
No puppet has earned the right to budge me

I’m no longer
Trying to be
striving to be
Or wanting to be
Someone else other than me…..
I am Puppet free

© Trick-e Lyrics 2008-2009

I Am Puppet Free


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