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  • Rubbing your belly while pregnant

    Tweet This has just been emailed to me and I couldn’t resist sharing it. For the benefit of the search engines the text says:  Why is it when your wife or girlfriend gets pregnant all her casino live New Zealand friends rub her belly and say “Congratulations!”….but nobody rubs your dick and says “Good Job”.

  • Be aware of your surroundings

    Tweet This poor man couldn’t have picked a worse spot to sit down.  There is a lesson here and that is that you must always be aware of your surroundings. podcast

  • The bridge designer didn’t consider this!

    Tweet When designing bridges almost all things are considered! support

  • I will NOT complain about my job!

    Tweet So you think you’ve got the worst job in the world?  Just take a minute to consider how bad it could get and repeat after me, I will NOT complain about my job!   international

  • Go fix some potholes!

    Tweet I’d heard that more money is being spent on compensating drivers for damage to their cars due to potholes than is spent repairing them which is ludicrous! Here is an extract taken from the Mail Online news section “Potholes are costing taxpayers more in compensation claims than in repair fees.  Ambulance-chasing lawyers squeezed £53million […]

  • The Easter Bunny is cunningly hidden in this photo

    Tweet Just in time for Easter!  I’ve dug this out of the archive.  Bonus points if you can spot the Easter Bunny cunningly hidden in this photo. I especially like the look of innocence on the dog’s face, with that “who, me?” expression, priceless! I knew that Pedigree Chum now had meaty bits, but that […]

  • April Fool – Electric Shock Pen

    Tweet On April Fool’s Day there’s nothing better than playing a prank on a work colleague or family member, if you’ve exhausted all your ideas let me give you a hand.  Trick your mates with this comical electric shock pen!  Care should be taken to ensure they are in a safe environment before use as […]

  • Mony talks

    Tweet I was out and about on my travels when I spotted this van, the sign writing says “real value for mony” which made me chuckle.  You would imagine that someone would have checked the spelling surely!  It wouldn’t be so bad but there are much more difficult words to spell on the sign. podcast

  • Natural Aphrodisiacs

    Tweet Below is an exquisite display of genitalia as nature intended, or not as the case may be.  Tongue in cheek I named this gallery Natural Aphrodisiacs.  This is natures way of having a little fun. This flash photo gallery was created with the nextgen flashviewer plugin and uses airtight interactives postcard viewer flash photo gallery download.  […]

  • Autotrader Advert for Suzuki GSXR 1000 Motorbike

    Tweet This Autotrader advert for a Suzuki GSXR 1000 motorbike is allegedly genuine.  The advert was placed by somebody in Johannesburg, South Africa, I guess they don’t like to mince their words.  It perfectly displays the subliminal dialog between man and wife and how it can be very confusing. international