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Borat Mankini, a stag do favourite?

Borat MankiniThe Mankini is a bikini for men, as fashioned by Borat Sagdiyev, `Jagshemash, I like………….feels very nice and sexy!`

Don one of these babies and you truly will be the laughing stock. This is an official, 20th Century Fox licensed `Borat Mankini’ which is perfect for Christmas parties, stag dos, the office secret Santa and more…
www.daines.uk.com takes no responsibility for any arrests on charges of indecency made as a result of wearing this product. Beware: costume may become transparent when wet – the mind boggles!
One size fits all – blimey!! IS NICE!!

Materials: 10{f344fcdd5c2f0488e4989b8c5afd2fd0fc4ceabf32c4bacdc15aa9ae5b120c72} Elastane, 90{f344fcdd5c2f0488e4989b8c5afd2fd0fc4ceabf32c4bacdc15aa9ae5b120c72} Polyester

Dimensions: Height: 19.0cm; Width: 10.0cm; Depth: 5.0cm

“I once heard a story involving a stag do, Viagra and a Borat Mankini, i think you can probably guess the rest!”

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