Nintendo Wii Lens Cleaning Kit

November 27, 2010

Wii Lens Cleaning KitNintendo Wii lens cleaning kit.  The Wii Lens Cleaner Kit cleans the Wii console’s disc reader lens, reducing disc read errors caused by lens contamination. The Wii Lens Cleaning Kit including the Cleaning fluid for use with Wii Console is subject to the Regulation 648/2004/EC on detergents. According to Annex VII.D of this Regulation, manufacturers shall provide a data sheet with detailed information about the ingredients of the product. You can find the data sheet on the Wii Lens Cleaning Kit on the Nintendo website by clicking here.

The cleaning kit also includes a disk which is loaded into the disk drive with a small amount of detergent on it.  A tag remains sticking out of the disk drive for you to move the disk back and forth allowing the lens to be cleaned.  Please read the instructions carefully before cleaning the lens to prevent damage.

Only £6.49.  Buy the Wii Lens Cleaning Kit (Wii)


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