Gadget Show Episode 4 – Soapbox Build, Desktop PCs and April Fool Gadgets

March 30, 2009

Jason and Ortis from the Gadget Show 

A particularly good episode!  The following extract is taken from the Gadget Show blog. What happens when Jason and Ortis try out the Lotus 119c at Donington Park?  They only get inspired to build their own gravity racer – essentially a souped-up soapbox race kart – and challenge the reigning gravity racer champions to a race at Lincolnshire’s Cadwell Park.  Lucky, then, that they enlisted the help of a group of engineers at Loughborough College…

Thanks to all these guys who helped us out with the build!

Formula Gravity
Loughborough College
Cadwell Park racetrack
Donington Park racetrack
Stylize (decals)

This year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed 2009 – July 3rd / 4th / 5th

Goodwood Festival Of Speed
Applehead Gravity
Biking Gear
Biking Gear
Neck Support
Demon Tweeks (boots)

Also in this episode, Jon teams up with none other than interior design guru, Linda Barker, to test some of the latest desktop computers.  What will Linda think of the Sony VAIO’s styling?  Will the new iMac appease her design sensibilities?  And how about the HP TouchSmart?  Is it a touch smart?  Jon asks Linda…

Sony Vaio JS2E/S
HP Touchsmart IQ500
Apple iMac 20″

Meanwhile, our new presenter Gail Porter endears herself to the team by playing some nasty tricks on the office with best gadgets for April Fool’s Day!  From electrocuting pens to phantom ahem, flatulence, machines.  But which of these widgets sits pretty at the pinnacle of our top five April Fool’s Day gadgets?

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